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A Christian Writes About Sexual Damage

Trigger warning for sexual mutilation and rape. Linksurfing around, I came across this remarkable and moving little memoir about growing up in  a household where the parents followed the teachings of a particularly popular fundamentalist guru with a real fixation … Continue reading

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Women’s Media Center On The Masculine Mystique

Suzanne Levine, a nationally recognized authority on the choices women make as they age, writes an article for the Women’s Media Center about what she calls “the masculine mystique”:

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Boys Got It Even Worse Than Men

Just got alerted to this lovely post over at Jezebel, a man musing on the difficulty of raising a boy amid the gender-policing traps that lurk everywhere. The author notes that there is a serious disconnect in how we look … Continue reading

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Sundry Awesome Posts

(Hat tips to Tenya, MinervaB and Jose to pointing us to these great posts.) From Fathers and Families, a post on the rise of the single father: But two things suggest to me that the rise in single fathers shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Today I come to praise fathers and, in particular, I come to praise my father. For ten years, my father woke up every morning at 4 AM so he could be at work by 5.  He gave up all chance … Continue reading

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