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RIP Adam “MCA” Yauch 1964 – 2012

Lyrical Genius, Political Activist, Film/Video Pioneer, Husband, Father and of course Beastie Boy.

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The Curious Case of Chris Birch

I highly recommend you check out Law and Sexuality is a blog by Chris Ashford, a reader in Law and Society, that “seeks to explore law and sexuality in a broad socio-legal framework” if that kind of thing interests you (for … Continue reading

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Dads Rock

Hat tip to Al Watts at Role/Reboot. So it seems that after 2 weeks of constant critique and polite disagreement Huggies have finally relented and changed that horrible dad ad of theirs from: “To prove Huggies diapers and wipes can … Continue reading

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I HATE hating Valentine’s Day

I really don’t want to hate February 14th  and it makes me angry that I do. It makes me angry, because ideally it should be a day where two or more people should be able to reaffirm their love for … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Choosing your Sexuality

In a recent interview for the New York Times, former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon made some comments about her sexuality being a choice. This angered many in the gay community, who believe she is playing into the … Continue reading

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Interesting article by Meredith Borders on Women in Cinema.

Badass Digest (the thinking geek’s pop culture site) has a brilliant article up by the fantastic Meredith Borders called  “Welcome the Woman Child” detailing Hollywood cinemas sudden fascination with portraying flawed, emotionally stunted women: she cites three recent examples of … Continue reading

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Exploring Misandry in Video Games: Part 2, Do I really have to play as this jerk?

(See told you I’d come back to this) Edit: Here’s part 1 if anyone is interested    thank you to Tumbleweed in the comments for reminding me. I believe that characterisation is one of those pesky things modern gaming is … Continue reading

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The XY Movement is Awesome

Hat Tip to Mark Simpson Rapper DPhill Spanglish Man is a on a mission to blur the lines between genders and look good while doing it. He’s started what he likes to call the XY movement, I think it sounds … Continue reading

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Say No to Grim and Gritty

Hat tip to Badass digest  Hey kids you all remember Voltron, don’t you? The old TV show about 5 robot lions that merged into a giant robot and flew through space fighting monsters–cool, wasn’t it? Well, would you be interested in … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Critique of Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men”

Following on from Noah’s link to Linda Holmes’ piece about how the new American network TV season is a flood of eye-searing misandry like How to be a Gentlemen, Man Up and Last Man Standing: Quiet Riot Girl gives her take … Continue reading

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