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The Curious Case of Chris Birch

I highly recommend you check out Law and Sexuality is a blog by Chris Ashford, a reader in Law and Society, that “seeks to explore law and sexuality in a broad socio-legal framework” if that kind of thing interests you (for … Continue reading

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The Knight/Beast Dichotomy

Trigger warning for rape.  A fascinating article at Sociology in Focus describes the male equivalent of the virgin/whore dichotomy: the protector/rapist dichotomy. Women in our society get classified as either virgins or whores– that is, as pure and perfect wife-and-mother-material … Continue reading

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Hegemonic Heterosexuality

We’ve talked before about hegemonic masculinity, the constant societal drumbeat of nonsense about what a man is supposed to be. Tall, successful, competitive, into sports, violent, et cetera ad nauseam. What I’ve been thinking about lately is how this fits … Continue reading

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Libidos, Assumptions, and Miscommunication

So I was reading this lovely Charlie Glickman piece about listening to Robert Jensen give a talk about how porn is a guy thing that’s bad for men, and how his own reaction to much of it was utter WTF. … Continue reading

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A Christian Writes About Sexual Damage

Trigger warning for sexual mutilation and rape. Linksurfing around, I came across this remarkable and moving little memoir about growing up in  a household where the parents followed the teachings of a particularly popular fundamentalist guru with a real fixation … Continue reading

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Check It Out, Ladies [Laugh Track]

I often enjoy, and am often really frustrated by, Mistress Matisse’s column in the Seattle Stranger. This one, however, is bang-on and deals with an issue that people don’t talk about enough. (Well, we do around here, but that’s kind … Continue reading

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Getting Off, Part Two: Pornography

This week, on Ozy Is Annoyed At A Radical Feminist… Critique of Porn, ur doin it rong.

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