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Achievement Unlocked: Human Woman

I’ve been feeling a bit low just lately, what with it getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. It’s the kind of lifestyle in the kind of latitude where you realize that it’s entirely possible that you became a vampire … Continue reading

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Twilight, Bieber, and Valentino

There is a subset of the female gaze that causes much kerfluffle amongst a lot of guys, and it tends to occur in an incredibly predictable pattern. Now, for purposes of this post, we will be assuming that female desire … Continue reading

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Check It Out, Ladies [Laugh Track]

I often enjoy, and am often really frustrated by, Mistress Matisse’s column in the Seattle Stranger. This one, however, is bang-on and deals with an issue that people don’t talk about enough. (Well, we do around here, but that’s kind … Continue reading

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Straight Cis White Male Protagonists

An interesting issue has come up in the comments to that 101 101 post, one that I think deserves its own thread to start unpacking its stuff. Indefatigable commenter typhonblue linked to this article from OnFiction, and elaborated on its … Continue reading

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Cock Tales: A Call For Submissions

A very cool lady named Kimberly, a fan of our little blog, has contacted us with a proposal so fun it has little anime-sparklies dancing in my eyes: The philosophy behind Cock Tales is simple. The artistic world is filled … Continue reading

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How Revenge Of The Nerds Ruined My Life

[Trigger warning: Rape as comedy, rape culture. Also, this gets a bit personal and ranty. You might want to get comfortable.] I first saw Revenge Of The Nerds on home video, back when you could rent a VHS player in … Continue reading

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Cocks Rock But… WTF With Craigslist “Headless Horsemen” Replies to Personals?

Photo “Headless Horseman Monument” by Flickr user Patcard. Used under a Creative Commons license. So over at my blog I just mentioned a brief experiment I tried after hearing a friend lament about a certain… consistency in replies to her … Continue reading

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Media Gender Roles: WTF?

There’s an interesting disconnect in perceptions of how men are presented on TV. Feminists look at TV and see that the heroes and most of the other characters are overwhelmingly men, and say “That’s misogynist!” Sensitive men look at TV … Continue reading

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Cocks Rock Part One: Penises Are Attractive

It has recently come to my attention that many men are insecure about their penises. Because insecurity is bad, and because penises are one of my favorite topics, I have decided to do a series on penises, and why¬†they are, … Continue reading

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Fitness Models

Feminists have long sounded the alarm about the dangers of supermodels, starving themselves underweight and Photoshopped to perfection, causing bad body image in young girls, which may lead to anorexia or bulimia. However, a recent article by Express has suggested … Continue reading

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