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Achievement Unlocked: Human Woman

I’ve been feeling a bit low just lately, what with it getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. It’s the kind of lifestyle in the kind of latitude where you realize that it’s entirely possible that you became a vampire … Continue reading

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Twilight, Bieber, and Valentino

There is a subset of the female gaze that causes much kerfluffle amongst a lot of guys, and it tends to occur in an incredibly predictable pattern. Now, for purposes of this post, we will be assuming that female desire … Continue reading

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Check It Out, Ladies [Laugh Track]

I often enjoy, and am often really frustrated by, Mistress Matisse’s column in the Seattle Stranger. This one, however, is bang-on and deals with an issue that people don’t talk about enough. (Well, we do around here, but that’s kind … Continue reading

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Straight Cis White Male Protagonists

An interesting issue has come up in the comments to that 101 101 post, one that I think deserves its own thread to start unpacking its stuff. Indefatigable commenter typhonblue linked to this article from OnFiction, and elaborated on its … Continue reading

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Cock Tales: A Call For Submissions

A very cool lady named Kimberly, a fan of our little blog, has contacted us with a proposal so fun it has little anime-sparklies dancing in my eyes: The philosophy behind Cock Tales is simple. The artistic world is filled … Continue reading

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How Revenge Of The Nerds Ruined My Life

[Trigger warning: Rape as comedy, rape culture. Also, this gets a bit personal and ranty. You might want to get comfortable.] I first saw Revenge Of The Nerds on home video, back when you could rent a VHS player in … Continue reading

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Cocks Rock But… WTF With Craigslist “Headless Horsemen” Replies to Personals?

Photo “Headless Horseman Monument” by Flickr user Patcard. Used under a Creative Commons license. So over at my blog I just mentioned a brief experiment I tried after hearing a friend lament about a certain… consistency in replies to her … Continue reading

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