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Social Justice Part Fish: Gender Egalitarianism

Every oppression, like an unhappy family, is oppressive in its own way. Each is a unique snowflake of kyriarchal crap. One of the ways that gender is unique, as an axis of oppression, is that it is one of the … Continue reading

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Scenes from Ozy’s Bookshelf

I have decided to talk about some of my favorite books about men and masculinity, the books that have shaped my viewpoints on what it is to be a masculist.

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Things That are Not the Same

Inspired, a month and a half on, by other posts by my co-conspirators on language usage, I’ve been thinking about how we in the movement(s) so often talk past each other, without always immediately realizing it. We use the same … Continue reading

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Why “Horrible Bosses” is a Step Forward for Masculists

Just a note on comedy before I begin – although I love to laugh as much as the next person, I hesitate to say that I enjoy “comedies” when describing my taste in movies, because so many of them lately … Continue reading

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This is What a Masculist Looks Like

Google Docs, which I’m composing this post in, does not recognize the word “masculist.” Nor does Chrome; nor does OpenOffice. It’s a new word, though not, I think, a new concept, and I think there’s room for it to become … Continue reading

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