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Is Fellatio Finished?

So asks Esquire. Now, if I were a sensible person, I’d just say “no” and take the rest of the day off to watch My Little Pony, but I’m clearly not, so now we are going to have to explain … Continue reading

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Good Sex

Early to Bed has an interesting article about hot sex without a hard-on which led me to think about what “good sex” means. Our culture has some fucked-up ideas about what good sex is like. The woman is young and thin … Continue reading

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Cracked on Misogyny

Hat tip to Psychonomics. TW for brief mentions of rape. Cracked has recently presented an article about the five ways modern men are trained to hate women, as part of its latest bid to be Feministe’s more ableist, more prone … Continue reading

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Male Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

I recently came across (possibly via Scarleteen) this awesome report about male adolescent sexual health within the primary care setting. According to the study, male sexual health is quite often overlooked within the clinical setting. Pediatricians are three times more likely … Continue reading

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Getting Off, Part Two: Pornography

This week, on Ozy Is Annoyed At A Radical Feminist… Critique of Porn, ur doin it rong.

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Getting Off Part One: Male Sexuality as Degrading

Moderation Note: In this thread, please refer to the ideas of “Jensen” or “sex-negative feminists,” not the ideas of “feminists” or “the feminist movement.” Sex-positive feminism has been a major force in the feminist movement for several decades now and it’s … Continue reading

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Sex, Gender, Presentation, Sexual Orientation

The discussion on Andrej Pejic made me think of the distinction between gender, sex, presentation and sexuality, and I decided to toss out a quick post explaining the differences. Obviously, we are all Advanced Gender Warriors here, saving the Internet … Continue reading

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I Swear I’m Not Just Trying To Make This Blog About Sex

No, seriously, I swear. I know that there are a lot of issues facing men today that are very serious and important and are located places other than our trousers. But COME THE FUCK ON. That charming apparatus is called … Continue reading

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Rejection, part two

As pointed out in the comments to part one, my first post about the rejections inherent in the men-approach-women-wait model was focused entirely on how bad it hurts for men to suffer the inevitable multiple rejections inherent in that model. … Continue reading

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Masturbation’s Okay If You Don’t Get Into It

In my usual drunken wanderings through links my friends post, I was alerted to this article on thefrisky.com about a guy considering buying a Fleshlight. (Second link visibly NSFW.) Now, I’ll be clear, I don’t actually know the article’s author, … Continue reading

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