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Is Fellatio Finished?

So asks Esquire. Now, if I were a sensible person, I’d just say “no” and take the rest of the day off to watch My Little Pony, but I’m clearly not, so now we are going to have to explain … Continue reading

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The Modesty Doctrine

(You may be like “hey, where is Monday Roundup, that was my favorite part of the week?” If so, you are weird. Also, neither Noah or Ozy has much of anything new this week, as we were both busy. Noah’s … Continue reading

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Fuck Gawker Media

Trigger warning for rape apologism. From Gawker and Jezebel we have a horrific story of a woman who, after a consensual hookup, held a man prisoner in her apartment and forced him to have sex with her multiple times. Thankfully, the man … Continue reading

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Intersectionality and Men of Color

Quote from a very interesting article linked in an Open Thread (hat tip to Matthew Swank): I also said that [the documentary] marginalizes MOC because for example, the women make 70-something cents per dollar thing (that white feminists *always* use) is … Continue reading

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Manly Cheerleading

One for the Masculinity Is An Immutable Thing Placed In Us By The Almighty God And/Or Evolution And Definitely Has Nothing To Do With Social Construction or Anything people: Cheerleading was originally considered a manly sport.

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Someone Is Wrong On The Internet

I’ve had a bad couple days, so I’ve decided that there’s exactly one solution: find an idiot on the Internet and call them stupid until I feel better. Today’s idiot comes to us courtesy of the PJ Lifestyle, offering up 7 Mistakes … Continue reading

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Huffington Post on Teen Boys and Masculinity

The Huffington Post has an interesting new article about some research on the changing nature of masculinity for teenage boys in England. My primary reaction to the article? Holy shit, the good guys are winning. One of the biggest changes is … Continue reading

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D’awww And Arrrgh News About Fatherhood

First, from The Mary Sue: A single dad learns about comic books for his superhero-fan four-year-old daughter. i stood back, trying to learn all that i could my heart melted when she looked at me with those thankful eyes she has when she’s really, really happy and asked me … Continue reading

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The Sandwich Means I Love You

A while ago, Captain Awkward wrote this following post about sandwiches, and love, and boundaries, and things. You should go read it. It is good post. The way you set boundaries around this is to accept what’s offered with grace and gratitude. … Continue reading

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Why Are Vegetables Unmanly Again?

LabRat at Atomic Nerds, in a side point in a post about Michelle Obama’s new vegetables-in-the-military policy, says: As a side comment from the “vegetable guy yet” remark, there is also a very weird sort of gender war going on in … Continue reading

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