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You Keep Using That Word… I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Pardon my language, but Jesus H. ass-blasting Christ buggering Buddha in the cheap seats at Wimbledon. This is the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine: Yes, that says “The Emasculation of Wall Street”. WHY does it say … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes

My Halloween costume this year is simple and inexpensive: Lex Luthor. The key components of this costume are a red silk tie in a full Windsor knot, because Luthor is the kind of asshole who always has to win every … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel like height, physical height, is the elephant in the room when it comes to hegemonic masculinity. Everyone knows it’s a giant friggin’ deal, but nobody wants to talk about it, because, as the inimitable Greta Christina pointed … Continue reading

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Pondering Penis Anxieties Past the Decimal Point.

Speaking of penis size, after perusing query strings on her personal blog’s server logs Ozymandias says ATTN: Person who got here with the search term “do women like an eight inch cock better than a seven and a half inch … Continue reading

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Cocks Rock Part Two: Does Size Matter?

It’s no secret that hundreds of millions of Western men have insecurities about their penises. Pornography creates an ideal of the penis that is far larger than most men’s, as it depicts women moaning wildly due to being rammed with a ten-inch … Continue reading

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Rachel Rabbit White on penis insecurities

American culture sends a message about the penis that is confused, at best. In the wake of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s dick-pic scandal, the theme that “wangs are ugly” spattered the Internet, the media (wrongly) assuming that’s just how most women … Continue reading

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