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Attraction Is Complicated, News at 11

Evolutionary psychologists, everyone’s favorite peddlers of pseudoscience to justify all manner of -isms, have long theorized that people tend to find traits more attractive when they signal fertility. Therefore, men are attracted to young, thin, large-breasted women, and women are … Continue reading

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Manly Cheerleading

One for the Masculinity Is An Immutable Thing Placed In Us By The Almighty God And/Or Evolution And Definitely Has Nothing To Do With Social Construction or Anything people: Cheerleading was originally considered a manly sport.

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Advertising Sins: Food and Masculinity

(Hat tip to Sociological Images.) I have previously expressed my puzzlement at the bizarre gendering of food. Men like Big Portions, did you know? And meat! Women like teeny portions and gourmet food and vegetables, possibly because they are always … Continue reading

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Anti-Intellectualism in Boy Scout Badges

Sociological Images¬†has an interesting post on the gender differences between Boy Scout and Girl Scout manuals, one bit of which really sticks out to me. Interestingly, and in contrast, Denny also found that Boy, but not Girl Scout manuals taught … Continue reading

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The Before Body

(Hat tip to Sociological Images.) Below the cut, we have a fascinating video in which a man becomes both the “before” and the “after” body for a weight-loss, muscle-gain ad– within only a few hours. To get the¬†after body, he … Continue reading

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Male Friendship

(hat tip to StartledOctopus) This is an interesting video from Sociological Images (no transcript available and I don’t want to write an transcript of an hour-and-a-half video, sorry) about how gender affects friendship, although the audience appeared more interested in … Continue reading

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