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Ten Responses to Man Up

I recently found this brilliant piece by Guante, a hip-hop artist and two-time National Poetry Slam champion, and felt like sharing it with everyone. Transcript from his website below the cut.

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Reddit Loves the Body Hate

TW for body policing and hat tip to Kate. Brought to us courtesy of the Funny reddit, we have an alleged “joke” that has many unique traits, such as not being remotely funny, unless you happen to be amused by … Continue reading

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Attraction Is Complicated, News at 11

Evolutionary psychologists, everyone’s favorite peddlers of pseudoscience to justify all manner of -isms, have long theorized that people tend to find traits more attractive when they signal fertility. Therefore, men are attracted to young, thin, large-breasted women, and women are … Continue reading

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The Art Of Manliness: I’m Conflicted

So there’s this website called The Art of Manliness, and I’m really of two minds about it. On a certain level, it’s damn near my lifestyle magazine, as they do approving articles on things I wear, do, and smell like. … Continue reading

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Harrowing Video About Male Abuse Survivor

(Hat tip to n1l0c2501.) Trigger warning for explicit depictions of abuse. Minor spoilers for the short film Life’s Poison, embedded at the bottom of the post.   I was recently pointed to Life’s Poison, a powerful short film made for the … Continue reading

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Advertising Sins: Food and Masculinity

(Hat tip to Sociological Images.) I have previously expressed my puzzlement at the bizarre gendering of food. Men like Big Portions, did you know? And meat! Women like teeny portions and gourmet food and vegetables, possibly because they are always … Continue reading

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The Masculinization of Femme Stuff

(Hat tip to dreamwaffles.) Autostraddle and Ms. Blog have the news about an interesting new advertising sins and the latest mutation of femmephobia. I mean, kind of news. It’s from, erm, two months ago. Ozy is known for many things, but … Continue reading

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You Keep Using That Word… I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Pardon my language, but Jesus H. ass-blasting Christ buggering Buddha in the cheap seats at Wimbledon. This is the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine: Yes, that says “The Emasculation of Wall Street”. WHY does it say … Continue reading

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Open Thread: The Super Bowl

I would have totally attempted to write a post about football and sports culture today, in honor of  the Super Bowl, and then I realized that I know approximately nothing about football. Apparently there’s tackling involved and something called a … Continue reading

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Are Men More Likely To Be Homeless?

It’s a common claim among masculist and men’s rights circles that men are more likely to be homeless than women are; it’s a common counter-claim that most of the studies are done on single homeless people, and homeless women are … Continue reading

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