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World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.* It has been three decades since the first young gay men started getting Kaposi’s sarcoma. Many people, including me, have never lived in a world where sex couldn’t kill you. 33 million people across the … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing

There is exactly one circumstance in which I will watch Tim Allen’s new TV show, Last Man Standing. That circumstance is if I managed to recruit my cool gender egalitarian friends to have a drinking game where we would take … Continue reading

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Social Justice 101 Part One: I Blame the Kyriarchy

I have decided it has been entirely too long since I wrote a giant-ass series. (Yes, people in the back, I can hear you groaning.) In short, I now think it is time for a giant-ass series about my premises … Continue reading

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Pam’s House Blend on Anti-Gay Bullying

This story from Pam’s House Blend leaves me with a serious case of mood whiplash. 2009: A Massachusetts boy, Carl Walker-Hoover, hung himself earlier this week after enduring bullying at school, including daily taunts of being gay, despite his mother’s weekly pleas to … Continue reading

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Sissy Boy Experiment

In my adventures around YouTube, I discovered a very interesting, several-month-old series by Anderson Cooper about the “Sissy Boy Experiment.” Back in the seventies, Kirk Murphy was a five-year-old boy who was thought to be too “feminine” and likely to become … Continue reading

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Femmephobia: Two Misconceptions

Mod Note: If you want to go argue about trans people and cissexism, argue on this thread. I have recently been doing a lot of posts about femmephobia, i.e., the cultural fear, hatred and devaluation of femininity (i.e. weakness, vulnerability … Continue reading

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