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Kurt Vonnegut vs. My Mom: Girls Are Dumb

Beware what books you read when you’re fourteen. Wait… just about everyone reading this is long past fourteen. Too late, then. When I was fourteen, I read Jailbird, by Kurt Vonnegut, and it remains perhaps my favorite of his novels. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gender Enforcement Jumble Sale

Thanksgiving: a time to gather with people you love, and try to remember why. As we gather with our families around tables groaning with food, we’re going to hear things that would have sounded retrograde in the 50s, and as … Continue reading

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A Christian Writes About Sexual Damage

Trigger warning for sexual mutilation and rape. Linksurfing around, I came across this remarkable and moving little memoir about growing up inĀ  a household where the parents followed the teachings of a particularly popular fundamentalist guru with a real fixation … Continue reading

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Paternity Leave Increases in South Korea

(Hat tip to startledoctopus.) Great news from South Korea! The number of fathers taking time off work to take care of their children is increasing as parental leave becomes accepted in Korea. According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor … Continue reading

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Emotions: Threat or Menace?

Dozens of posts on this blog so far, and we haven’t talked directly about what I see as the most pervasively damaging issue affecting men in our culture. It’s the one at the root of many of the other problems … Continue reading

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Horrifying story about the rape of men

Trigger warning for wartime rape. The Guardian has a horrific story about the underreporting of rape in African wartime conflicts, in which it is endemic, and the complete lack of support for male survivors. It is for this reason that … Continue reading

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How dare you make time for your children, Mr Deputy Prime Minister!

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party and deputy Prime Minister for Great Britain, was in the news today because he is apparently “killing himself” trying to balance the stress of working such a demanding job with being a … Continue reading

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