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Sex Offenders Banned From Internet?

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and mention of domestic violence and child abuse. The title of this AlterNet article is New Laws Banning Sex Offenders From Social Networks and Online Gaming May Go Too Far. …Really. Never would have … Continue reading

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Fuck Gawker Media

Trigger warning for rape apologism. From Gawker and Jezebel we have a horrific story of a woman who, after a consensual hookup, held a man prisoner in her apartment and forced him to have sex with her multiple times. Thankfully, the man … Continue reading

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UW-Madison Athletic Official Investigated for Sexual Assault

Hat tip to Geo, and trigger warning for explicit description of sexual assault.  John Chadima, former senior associate athletic director at UW-Madison, is being investigated for the sexual assault of a male student.

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RAINN’s Fabulous New Advertisement About Male Rape Survivors

Massive trigger warning for description of rape. 

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What We Can Do To Prevent Rape and Abuse

Trigger warning for rape. I spend a lot of time talking about rape. Seriously, my parents have started picking up on how much I talk about rape and sending me articles about rape in the judicial system and the FBI’s new … Continue reading

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Memo to the Men’s Rights Movement

Dear the Men’s Rights Movement, I think there’s one issue you and I need to sort out before I go back to my general policy of pretending you don’t exist and/or sporfling when you call me a female supremacist.

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CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

Trigger warning for rape, abuse, sexual violence, and stalking. The CDC has recently released the results of a new, national, methodologically sound study about the prevalance of sexual violence and rape. Statistics, commentary, and angry ranting below.

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Asexual Men and Rape

Trigger warning for rape. A post discussing masculinity, asexuality and rape has been passed around Tumblr for a while, and I decided I ought to point everyone to it, because it provides a very interesting critique of virgin-shaming, rape apologism … Continue reading

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Amber Cole and the Misandry of Low Expectations

Amber Cole is a fourteen-year-old girl. She performed oral sex on one boy while a second filmed her. There is some suggestion (for instance, by her father) that she might have been coerced; the boys responsible have been arrested. The … Continue reading

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No, Really, Not All Men Are Pedophiles

I’m a bit late to the party on Jenna Myers Karvunidis, on account of I had to wait until I could write an article about this that wasn’t just RAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH. Karvundis posted an article to her blog about how she refused to … Continue reading

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