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A Story about the Invisibility of Male Rape

Hello all.  I thought about doing a nice introductory first post about me and my views and what I’m all about, but I think I’m still kind of figuring that stuff out and besides, I think it’s a little late … Continue reading

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1 in 6

[Trigger Warning for rape.] One in six. According to the website 1in6.org, one in every six men has had an abusive or unwanted sexual experience before the age of sixteen. After I discovered this statistic, I’ve been doing the math. … Continue reading

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Rachel Rabbit White on penis insecurities

American culture sends a message about the penis that is confused, at best. In the wake of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s dick-pic scandal, the theme that “wangs are ugly” spattered the Internet, the media (wrongly) assuming that’s just how most women … Continue reading

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