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Wait, how can the missionary position be forceful?

TW here for graphic description of (consensual) violent sex. Relatedly, this post is not exactly SFW. So, on the Julian Assange case. I keep seeing people on the internet scoffing at the idea that he’s accused of using force on … Continue reading

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Media Gender Roles: WTF?

There’s an interesting disconnect in perceptions of how men are presented on TV. Feminists look at TV and see that the heroes and most of the other characters are overwhelmingly men, and say “That’s misogynist!” Sensitive men look at TV … Continue reading

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Horrifying story about the rape of men

Trigger warning for wartime rape. The Guardian has a horrific story about the underreporting of rape in African wartime conflicts, in which it is endemic, and the complete lack of support for male survivors. It is for this reason that … Continue reading

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